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The Morocco-Spain high-level meeting postponed despite Pablo Iglesias’ absence

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Rabat and Madrid have agreed to postpone a high-level meeting to February 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The meeting was scheduled for December 17, the two governments said in a joint statement.

It is «a crucial meeting for the development of deep relations of friendship and cooperation between the two strategic partners, which are Morocco and Spain», the press release read.

But the two kingdoms «noted that the current epidemiological situation prevents the high-level meeting from being held on the scheduled date with the appropriate health security guarantees for the two delegations», it added.

For this reason, the two countries have agreed to postpone it until February 2021, «so that it can run smoothly, with the usual formats that are specific to a meeting of this scale».

The Covid-19 pandemic had already been put forward by the Spanish government to justify the absence of Pablo Iglesias from said meeting. This new announcement comes, as the Spanish side has not yet received guarantees from the Moroccans on the holding of a meeting between King Mohammed VI and Pedro Sanchez.

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