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Several Algerian websites hacked by Moroccan hackers

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Moroccan hackers targeted several Algerian websites, including some linked to the country’s government, on Thursday.

«Among them, we find that of the national agency for the development of Algerian hydrocarbon resources. On its home page, the hackers present themselves as members of the MoroccoHackTeam Neige_Ma», writes Le Desk.

On the home page, the group of hackers used the emblem of the Moorish movement, which «brings together an ultra-nationalist movement». «This movement is particularly active on Twitter», the same source added.

Algerian journalist Akram Kharief, confirmed the hacking, sharing on his Facebook page a list of other Algerian sites that were targeted in the same way.

The list includes Unesco Algeria website, in addition to the site dedicated to the Environmental Sector Policy Support Program, the ONID site, the National Office of irrigation and drainage and that of the Mazafran hotel.

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