Diaspo #173 : Yassine Moumad, a Moroccan in Germany seeking to revolutionize the aviation world

Living in Germany, Moroccan Yassine Moumad works for an aviation industry company, overseeing the development of passenger airplanes powered by electricity, as well as a project related to a hydrogen-powered aircraft engine. He hopes to work in the aviation industry in the future with Morocco.

Yassine Moumad. / DR
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Yassine Moumad, an expert in the field of aircraft engines has lived in Germany for 17 years and is currently supervising two projects at a large aerospace company.

Yassine was born 1984 in the city of Casablanca, and studied there until he obtained his high school degree in 2002. The choice to pursue his education in science was not a coincidence, as he told Yabiladi. His family contributed to his choice, «especially [his] uncle, who [he] considered as a role model, as he is a university professor in physics and has publications in well-known journals».

After high school, the idea of pursuing his studies in Germany began to grow on him, unlike his fellow classmates, who mostly went chose to go to France. In order to achieve his plans, he had to undergo a German language training at a specialized institute.

Unfortunately, and after months of sudying the German language, a legal amendment changed the rules: foreign students wishing to pursue their education in Germany had to study the language for two years instead of one hitherto. «At that time, many of those who were studying with me dropped out out of disappointment, but I decided to keep going».

After completing his studies at the institute, he obtained a visa in 2004 and went to Germany, a country where he had neither relatives nor acquaintances. 

«At first things were very difficult when I first landed in Germany. At the time, I was 19 years old, I got off the train that took me from the airport to the city of Coburg, and just standed at the station. I turned left and right, and I saw that everyone was going to their destinationwhileI was wondering where I was heading».

Yassine Moumad

«Unbeknownst to me, one of my German language professors back in Morocco, to whom I had told about the details of my trip, called some of his former students and informed them of my arrival. Some of them came to give me a hand», he recalled.

Studying in Germany

After undertaking a preparatory year, he enrolled at the University of Munich in 2005, to study aeronautical engineering, and obtained a degree by the end of 2010.

One of the things that are stuck in Yassine's mind, during his studies, was the great interest German people had for students. «One day I went to the university's library looking for a book related to mechanics, and it was in high demand. I did not find it and the employee told me that she would search for it at other libraries, so I just left», he recalled. Yassine thought that the matter was over, but a letter arrived to his home a week later, sent by the library to inform him that they could not find the book in question and proceeded to buy it for him.

But the letter was not the only instance that astonished him. After a surprising failure in an exam, he went to a professor and asked him to review the score he was assigned because he was certain of his answers, but the professor refused. «After two weeks I received a letter, from the examination committee informing me that they had reviewed my answers following the intervention of one of my professors who knew about the case, and that I had actually passed the exam in question», he explained.

After graduating, Yassine started his career in a company that operates in aircraft engine maintenance. Eventually, he went on to work for a company that manufactures and maintains aircraft and their engines and remained within the organization to date.

«As I am specialized in engines, I am responsible for two projects. The first one concerns electric aircrafts, we aspire to manufacture the first large passenger airplane powered by an electric engine. The second project is related to an aircraft engine powered by hydrogen». The second type of aircraft would not result in any carbon dioxide emission as it would only emit «water vapor».

Yassine Moumad affirmed that he is monitoring the development of the aviation industry in Morocco, and expressed his hope to find a way to work with Morocco in the future, or at least to «be a link for this sector between Germany and Morocco».

Yassine called on young people to «invest in themselves, especially since the gates of knowledge have become open to all thanks to technological development», stressing that the key to success, is to have «patience, perseverance and considering obstacles as challenges in order to reach a goal». 

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