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The Morocco-Israel will «increase trade with by around $500 million a year»

Israel's Chief Economist Shira Greenberg. / DR
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Israeli chief economist Shira Greenberg reacted to the importance of financial cooperation between Morocco and Israel, in the wake of the agreement signed last week in Rabat.

She indicated that these agreements have potential to increase trade with Morocco by around $500 million a year, Israel Hayom reported on Monday.

The agreements would «contribute to increasing Israel and the region's potential for growth. We believe that there is potential to increase trade with Morocco by around $500 million a year», she explained. «The signing of the agreement is the first necessary and important step in promoting the realization of this potential», she added.

«For years, we had ties with Morocco, and now those ties will simply continue to grow stronger. This is an important step for Israel's economy. After years of practical isolation from the economies around us, the government and the Finance Ministry are breaking through barriers and paving new paths for the Israeli market».

Shira Greenberg

Said agreement was signed last week during the visit of a US-Israeli delegation to Rabat. The delegation was received by King Mohammed VI and signed several other agreements to boost ties between Rabat and Tel Aviv.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a Moroccan delegation will be visiting Israel.

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