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Israel to correct Morocco’s map after Benjamin Netanyahu’s video shows cropped Sahara

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. / DR
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In a video shared on his Twitter account, the Israeli Prime Minister stood in front of a map separating Morocco from the Sahara. Responding to the outrage sparked by said video clip, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the map is «old» and will be replaced soon.

«It will be corrected in the new maps that appear», the spokesperson said as quoted by Times of Israel.

In his video, Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a Moroccan delegation would visit Israel. On Monday, the Moroccan delegation arrived in Israel, according to local media.

This announcement was preceded by a phone call that brought together King Mohammed VI and Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Tuesday, December 22 in Rabat, Morocco and Israel signed a cooperation agreement on the visa exemption and three memoranda of understanding in the fields of civil aviation, innovation, development of water resources, finance and investment. 

On the same day, Moroccan ministers Mohamed Benchaaboun, Abdelkader Amara and Nadia Fettah Alaoui, met with Israeli officials.

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