Is normalization with Israel a step towards establishing a Jewish state in Morocco ?

The head of the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization, Ahmed Ouihmane, said the «Zionists aspire to establish a Jewish state in Morocco». The anti-normalization activist, inspired by several conspiracy theories, claimed that Hirak protests in Al Hoceima would have been part of a «Zionist plan».

Moroccan activist Ahmed Ouihmane. / DR
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Normalizing ties with Israel did not go unnoticed by political parties and associations attached to the Palestinian cause. Their criticism has made headlines in Morocco, but that of the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization was creative and original to say the least.

A few days ago, its president Ahmed Ouihmane spoke of «Zionists’ plans to establish a state in Morocco, after their reduction in Palestine».

Contacted by Yabiladi, Ouihmane said that «normalization is a threat for Morocco, Algeria and all of the Arab Maghreb». «These are my beliefs and I revealed it in a documented book», he added.

The State of Israel, from Palestine to Morocco

Based on an article published in the Israeli press, which he described as «extremely dangerous», the activist referred to the Zionist movement's plan to establish a state in Morocco in 1903. And although Israel has been, for decades, consolidating its presence in the land of Palestine, after having been able to overcome the most difficult periods in its history, Ahmed Ouihmane stressed that Israel would risk «disappearing», despite the Hebrew state's attempts to open up to its environment by signing agreements with Arab states.

«With a dark horizon and rockets from the resistance from Lebanon and Palestine, Zionists are thinking of an alternative», he added, arguing that they are following the advice of former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion. «They started wars in the lands of others, in Egypt to occupy the Sinai, in Syria to occupy the Golan Heights and in Lebanon to occupy the south of the country», he recalled.

The activist explained that the supporters of said Zionist project «do not plan it in the medium or short term but in the long term». «I wonder if the world Zionist movement has returned to the 1903 plan, but what we are currently monitoring in the Moroccan Observatory predicts it», he claimed. The activist even accused «some Moroccan newspapers, affiliated with Zionists of promoting these plans».

«They talk about the discovery of 'little Jerusalem in the south of Morocco' and these are not light words.We went back to the same myths that established Israel, such as that 'Palestine is a land without a people for a people without a land' and the myths that were woven around Jerusalem.These same myths are currently being woven about Morocco».

Ahmed Ouihane

Hirak and a Zionist plan

The president of the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization draws on recent news in Morocco to support his conspiracy theory. He thus declared that «the construction of a Holocaust monument in Ait Faska, near Marrakech, as well as the expropriation of the lands of the peasants of Assilah under the pretext that they belong to Moroccan Jews, are facts which should alert public opinion and attract the attention of those responsible so that they finally assume their responsibilities».

«The question is not related to simple normalization, as is the custom in the East, but rather to Zionist ambitions in Morocco which are much greater than that», he explained.

The head of the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization also dusted off one of his favorite subjects, namely «Zionist efforts to divide Morocco into small states». He believes that the demonstrations which took place in the Rif, where Moroccans had waved the flags of the Republic of the Rif «are part of the Zionist plan to divide Morocco».

«We denounced the fact that this prepares the division of Morocco into several states, but we were called crazy. Today, demonstrations take to the streets of the north of the Kingdom bearing the flag of the Republic of the Rif».

Ahmed Ouihane

For the president of the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization, «these warnings, which made people laugh, can ruin countries». «Normalization was brought in to blow up Morocco. And if Morocco explodes, Algeria will also explode», he concludes premonitiously.

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