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Morocco : Heavy rain disrupts normal life in parts of Casablanca

Ambassador Ibn Aicha Boulevard in Casablanca flooded by heavy rain. / DR
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Heavy rains that hit several cities in Morocco on Wednesday and Thursday have blocked several roads in Casablanca, disrupting normal life and preventing citizens from driving their cars and using public transportation.

This morning, at Boulevard Zerktouni, one of the main arteries of the economic capital, the sidewalk disappeared while cars were flooded. 

The same situation was witnessed in different boulevards, such as Roudani, the south-eastern entrance to Casablanca, as well as the Moulay Ismail boulevard (national road n ° 1) and the avenue of the ambassador Ibn Aïcha, in northern Casablanca. According to media sources, fire fighters had to intervene to assist employees stranded in a minibus on this boulevard. 

Further south and according to several testimonies, even the road connecting Casablanca to Dar Bouazza was blocked and difficulties were reported on several other roads.

The situation has caused power cuts in some neighborhoods, while several schools were closed until further notice.

The tramway network was also affected by the heavy rains in Casablanca. Yabiladi learned that the bad weather blocked trains connecting the city to Rabat.

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