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David Schenker : «Relations between Morocco and the United States are stronger than ever»

US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker and Morocco Foreign minister Nasser Bourita at a press conference in Dakhla, this Sunday. / DR
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«Relations between Morocco and the United States are stronger than ever and that our best years are ahead of us», said Sunday in Dakhla, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, David Schenker.

The American diplomat recalled that «2021 marks 200 years since the United States opened its first diplomatic mission in Morocco - our oldest diplomatic facility anywhere in the world», he affirmed that today, the United States sees the Kingdom as a «crossroads of peoples, ideas and innovation».

«Morocco is a key partner for regional stability, and our two nations enjoy a broad military-to-military partnership. Morocco is also the only country in Africa with which we have a Free Trade Agreement, which has more than doubled Moroccan exports to the United States since the pact entered into force in 2006», he added, noting that the value of bilateral trade between the two countries has increased five-fold since then.

With regards to the American recognition of the Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara and the normalization of relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv, David Schenker considered that «Morocco's efforts to promote religious tolerance and harmony» set «an example in the region». «The United States is committed to deepening and strengthening our ties with the people of Morocco through our trade relationship, through cultural exchange, and through government to government relations», the US diplomat concluded.

«Relations between the two countries are advancing at an unprecedented pace», added Nasser Bourita, listing «important developments on several levels». The minister also announced a meeting of the Joint Military Committee between Washington DC and Rabat next week, and the development of trade relations with an opening towards Africa.

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