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Spain : Two homeless Moroccans die of hypothermia in Barcelona

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Two homeless Moroccans, who were sleeping in the streets of Barcelona, were found dead. According to La Vanguardia, they are two men, aged 37 and 32, who are said to have died of hypothermia.

The first was located in Plaza de Poeta Boscà, next to the Barceloneta market, while the second one, who also died earlier this week, was sleeping near Ciutadella Park with another 19-year-old homeless man.

A Barcelona court has opened an investigation into these two tragedies, and must receive the results of the autopsies performed soon. The bodies of the victims showed no sign of violence, Spanish media reported, recalling that according to the Arrels foundation which works with the homeless, approximately 1,200 men and women are homeless in Barcelona.

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