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Sinopharm CEO and head of the audit department resign

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China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp. Sinopharm announced, Tuesday, the resignation of two of its senior officials. According to Le Desk, Li Zhiming, chief executive officer, and Li Hui, general manager and head of the audit department.
Zhiming and Hui have resigned for «personal reasons», as reported by the company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The same source indicates that the «company continues to operate normally», announcing the appointment of Yu Qingmin, still CEO, as the new chairman of the board.

The Chinese giant is currently developing two vaccines against the new coronavirus according to the so-called «inactivated virus» process. China has already given the green light to the one developed by Sinopharm in collaboration with Peking University. For the moment, the one developed by the University of Wuhan, and ordered by Morocco, has not been approved yet.

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