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King Mohammed VI has reportedly set conditions for visiting Israel, Israeli media report

King Mohammed VI. / DR
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The phone call that King Mohammed VI and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had in December continues to make headlines in Israel. Israeli newspaper Maariv revealed, Sunday, that the King of Morocco «would have set an important condition prior to visiting Israel».

King Mohammed VI would have «demanded the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations», said the newspaper close to the Israeli army and which quotes French sources. The sovereign is also said to have «requested the presence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen».

David Goffrin, head of the new Israeli liaison office in Morocco, who will be visiting Rabat in a few days, will participate in the promotion of this visit. 

«The King of Morocco, who chairs the Al-Quds Committee and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, wants to use this card to give Morocco the role of a mediator, which it played in peacetime with Egypt and in the progress of the Oslo and Casablanca processes», the same source added.

For Maariv, «the king's personal involvement also aims to underline his status in the eyes of the new American administration, to ensure that it does not back down on the recognition of Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara».

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