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Casablanca mayor resigns from PJD general secretariat to protest Israel normalization deal

Casablanca Mayor Abdelaziz El Omari. / DR
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Casablanca mayor Abdelaziz El Omari has submitted his resignation as a member of the Justice and the Development party’s general secretariat to protest against Morocco’s normalization of ties with Israel, a well-informed source within the Islamist party told Yabiladi on Monday.  

«El Omari submitted his resignation to protest against the normalization agreement, but it has not been accepted yet», the same source explained.

«The right thing to do now is not to resign but to look for a solution for the current situation in the country», the same source argued.

The PJD general secretariat has not yet «decided when to discuss this resignation» and may «not accept it», the same source revealed.

In December 2020, the head of government Saadeddine El Othmani signed the agreement that formalizes the resumption of diplomatic ties between Morocco and Israel. The move stirred controversy within the Islamist party, with members who rejected the agreement and called for an extraordinary session of its National Council to discuss the issue.

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