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Algerian Communication Minister attacks Morocco once again

Algerian communication minister Amar Belhimer. / DR
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Algeria is once again using the resumption of diplomatic ties with Israel to criticize Morocco. «The dangers of normalization between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Zionist entity will certainly affect Morocco», Algerian Communication Minister Amar Belhimer said in an interview.

The minister indicated that in Morocco «anyone who rejects its occupation of Western Sahara is seen as hostile to territorial integrity and anyone who supports international legitimacy based on the right of the Saharawi people to hold a self-determination referendum is also hostile to territorial integrity, and the honorable people of Morocco who oppose normalization are also enemies of territorial integrity».

«Anti-normalization activists have been subjected to repression by the Moroccan police and the violation of their rights to peaceful demonstrations».

Amar Belhimer

Belhimer has already criticized the recognition by the United States of the Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara. 

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