Covid-19 : 70 Israelis stranded in Morocco following border closure

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About 70 Chareidi Israelis are stranded in Morocco following the closure of the Ben-Gurion Airport last week, the Yeshiva World News reported. These Israelis traveled to Morocco to celebrate the Hiloula of Jewish saint Rabb Its’Hak Abe’hssira, a shrine located near Errachidia.

They «had no inkling prior to their flight» and «planned on returning to Israel on Thursday or at the very latest on Saturday», the same source added. The group was forced to find accommodation.

The same source recalls that these Israelis are not the only ones to find themselves stranded abroad while the Hebrew state decided, at the beginning of the week, to close its air and then land borders. «Hundreds of Israelis are in the same situation in various countries worldwide», it added.

Since last week, the Israeli government has started planning repatriation flights to Israel, with an Israir Airlines flight from Frankfurt, Germany, for hundreds of nationals. However, this flight was delayed.

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