The Polisario and Algeria reject Morocco's plan to host the African Men's Handball Championship in Laayoune

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The Polisario is angered by the African Men's Handball Championship, scheduled for 2022 in Laayoune and Guelmim. On Wednesday, the separatist movement’s «Minister of Information» Hamada Salma Al-Daf denounced Morocco’s plan to host the 25th edition of the tournament in the Sahara.

Speaking to Algerian press agency (APS), the Polisario slammed Morocco and accused it of trying to «change the status quo and to deceive public opinion about its alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara», through hosting this sporting event.

The statements of the representative of the Polisario come as Algeria has threatened to boycott this 25th edition of said competition.

Habib Laban, president of the Algerian Handball Federation (FAH) thus suggested that Algerian players could play in Guelmim but will withdraw from the competition if it takes place in Laayoune.

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