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Morocco : Second Friday of demonstrations against closure of borders with Ceuta in Fnideq

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Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets on Friday in Fnideq, in protest against the closure of the borders with Ceuta for nearly a year and the lack of viable economic alternatives, following the shutdown of smuggling activities.

On site, Spanish press agency EFE indicates that this is the second consecutive Friday in which residents affected by this crisis aggravated by the health crisis, are taking to the streets.

On the scene of the demonstration, near the large mosque at the center of the city, security forces were limited to «a discreet presence but with a strong deployment, even if throughout the day more than ten police vans went to Fnideq from other towns to strengthen security», the same source added.

These demonstrations come after others organized last Friday in the same city. Said protests had degenerated into riots leaving several injured among demonstrators and the police, in addition to four arrests resulting in prosecution.

On social media, calls for demonstrations have emerged from anonymous accounts, to denounce the economic situation in Fnideq as well as in the neighboring towns of M'diq and Martil.

According to testimonies gathered on the spot, EFE reports the closure of 600 businesses that depended on smuggling activities with Ceuta.

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