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Morocco has reportedly ordered Israeli-made drones

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Morocco has reportedly «ordered» drones manufactured by BlueBird Aero Systems, an Israeli company that specializes in the design, development and production of tactical UAS and peripheral equipment and delivers exceptional, unprecedented combat proven solutions, Israel Defense reported

This order is part of the agreement to acquire 50% of the equity of BlueBird by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), concluded last September.

«The order consists of drones manufactured by Bluebird», the same source said, adding that despite the announcement made several months ago, «the agreement between IAI and Bluebird has not yet been concluded». Israel Defense explains that «political uncertainty in Israel is behind the delay in the conclusion» of this agreement.

The same source recalls that «the sale of (Israeli) drones in Morocco is nothing new». «Israeli defense companies, including IAI and Elbit, have in the past sold various types of weapons to Morocco», it added.

The acquisition of Israeli drones by the Moroccan army has already stirred controversy at the beginning of last year.

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