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Hirak : Four inmates join Zefzafi and Jelloul in their hunger strike

Hirak detainees go on a hunger strike. / DR
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Hirak detainees started, Monday, an open hunger strike, their families said. They have joined other Hirak detainees, namely Nasser Zefzafi and Mohamed Jelloul, on an open hunger strike they started on Friday.

According to Mohamed Ahamjik, his brother Nabil Ahamjik went on a hunger strike to support Mahmoud Bouhannouch, another Hirak detainee in Nador who was «subjected to various restrictions and flagrant violations of his rights as a political prisoner».

The other prisoners, including Mohamed El Haki, Zakaria Adahchour and Samir Ighid, started the hunger strike to protest «the General Delegation of the prison administration and the reintegration’s inability to keep its promises to them».

For its part, the prison administration denied reports referring to «health repercussions» triggered by the open hunger strike of Zefzafi and Mohamed Jalloul.

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