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Moroccan migrant hides in toxic sack of ashes to reach Spain

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A Moroccan migrant was found hiding inside a sack of toxic ash by Spanish border guards as he was trying to irregularly enter Spain. Discovered on Friday, guards thought that the man was dead as he was inside one of the toxic bags.

Footage, shared by the Daily Mail, shows the man’s leg inside the sack. The guards used a knife to rip the sack. Taken by surprise, the man fought back and started waving his fists before telling the officers that he was asleep.

According to Spain’s Civil Guard, an ambulance was called for the man who «could have died within a few hours if he hadn’t been found».

He was sitting inside a sack of fly ash. The latter was getting exported from Melilla to Spain for other uses, mainly in concrete and cement.

«The man was found inside a hermetically-sealed plastic bag which contained incinerated fly ash which is toxic material», a civil Guard spokesman said.

«The officer who carried out the rescue initially observed what appeared to be the lifeless leg of a person, which left him hugely effected emotionally and led to him calling out for an ambulance thinking he was dead. Fortunately he was alive and his life was saved after the bag was fully opened».

Civil Guard

A well-informed source told the Daily Mail that the Moroccan migrant «was almost certainly already in Melilla and would have been helped to get inside the sack outside the port as part of an attempt to reach the Spanish mainland».

«He received medical attention but he's okay now», the same source concluded.

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