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The son of Moroccan Jewish billionaire Marc Lasry to run for 2022 US Senate elections

Alex Lasry, son of Moroccan-American billionaire Marc Lasry. / DR
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Alex Lasry, the senior vice president of the Milwaukee Bucks and son of Moroccan-American Marc Lasry, has announced that he is running for the US Senate elections in 2022.

33-year-old Alex Lasry, a Democrat, wants to replace Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who is currently the senator of Wisconsin.

«We need a new way of thinking and a new perspective», Lasry said, starting his campaign on YouTube. «We’ve lived through three systemic shocks to the system over the last 20 years: 9/11, the Great Recession and now, this pandemic. And we still haven’t fixed things», he added.

The New York-native believes that «progressive values are good for business» and plans to «make that model a reality for businesses and workers across [his] state».

Lasry is backed by his father who is funding his campaign. In 2019, the father who comes from a Jewish Marrakech family was spotted in the city with his former United States President Bill Clinton.

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