Algeria attacks Morocco for «cannabis legalization» bill

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In its media campaign against the Kingdom, Algeria criticizes Morocco’s discussion of a draft bill on the legalization of cannabis use for medical purposes.

The official website of an Algerian Radio station tried to link in an article said draft law to the development of the Sahara issue.

The article attributed the Moroccan move to the economic and social crisis deepened by the «Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of the Algerian-Moroccan borders», in addition to the «raging war» between the Polisario front and Morocco.

The article stated that «in the face of the social situation in Morocco, the Moroccan government couldn’t find a way but to legalize cannabis to silence the voices demanding to live in dignity, which have increased recently, especially in the city of Fnideq and other neighboring cities».

For its part, «Al-Shorouk» newspaper, known for its proximity to the army, published an article on the same topic. «For some time, Morocco has been seeking a legal text that would allow it to trade drugs, under the pretext of» medical use.

It is noteworthy that the draft law prepared by the Ministry of the Interior confirms that this step comes in line with international law that authorized the use of the marijuana plant for medical and industrial purposes.

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