El Guerguerate : The UN denies Polisario «war» communiques

Stephane Dujarric, the UN Secretary-General spokesperson. / DR
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To the United Nations, the situation at the border crossing that separates Morocco from Mauritania is calm. «No, we have not received any information that the situation in Guerguerat has changed in any way», said Stephane Dujarric, the UN Secretary-General spokesperson during the daily press briefing.

For the record, three days after Morocco intervened to free the border crossing and secure the flow of peoples and goods in November 2020, the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General reported incidents of shooting at night-time in the territory at various locations along the security wall.

These UN clarifications come at a time when the Polisario has not stopped publishing press releases for almost four months on «bombing» positions held by the Moroccan army. The most recent statement of this kind was published on Sunday February 28 by the Polisario «Ministry of Defense».

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