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Morocco’s Human Rights Minister says he withdrew resignation after phone call with King Mohammed VI

Human Rights Minister Mustapha Ramid. / DR
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The Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament explained on Monday why he made a U-turn on his resignation.

«God testify that I did not submit my resignation to the Prime Minister, in the hope that it would be handed over to the king as provided for in the Constitution, only when illness tired me, especially since I have undergone three surgeries in two years», Mustapha Ramid wrote on his Facebook page.

However, King Mohammed VI «refused, contacting [him] on the evening of his resignation, sending [him] fatherly words full of tenderness and encouraging expressions full of sympathy», wrote Ramid.

According to Ramid, the king «expressed his attachment to the continuation of his minister of state to fulfill his responsibilities». «I had no choice but to comply quickly», he concluded.

Last Friday, Mustapha Ramid indeed submitted his letter of resignation to the Head of Government, citing health reasons. The next day, he made a U-turn on it and withdrew his resignation.

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