Algeria declares war on Morocco maps including the Sahara

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The Algerian Foreign Ministry has declared a new war against Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara. This time, this war targets the Kingdom’s maps that include Western Sahara and are presented during international conferences, reports Echoroukonline on Sunday.

The Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum requested the assistance of his colleague, Minister of Higher Education, who immediately put Algerian academics on alert. «I am honored to inform you that the Kingdom of Morocco has adopted a strategy, which some call the diplomacy of maps to defend its territorial integrity» aimed at «spreading throughout the world maps of the Kingdom of Morocco including Western Sahara», wrote the Minister of Education in a note dated February 28.

«The Kingdom of Morocco is preparing to launch a large campaign to promote paper and digital maps, in accordance with its expansionist ambitions».

Algerian Minister of Education

To face this «campaign», the same source reports that the «Algerian government has developed a plan to fight against Moroccan propaganda aimed at legitimizing its occupation of the Sahara». To this end, the response is based on «raising awareness among heads of university and scientific institutions and, particularly official and scientific delegations traveling abroad». 

All must «request the withdrawal of documents containing maps or data aimed at annexing the region of Western Sahara during their participation in seminars, conferences, regional and international forums», insists the Ministry.

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