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Israelis living in Morocco vote for the first time from an office in Rabat

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Israelis voted for the first time, Thursday, from the newly-opened diplomatic outposts in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates as Israeli emissaries abroad kicked off early voting ahead of the March 23 election.

According to Times of Israel, the vote also took place in Jordan, Serbia, the United States, Japan and Vietnam, among others. The media also relays a video from the Central Elections Committee of the voting operation that took place in the Moroccan capital Rabat.

The video shows an Israeli national greeted by the chargé d'affaires of the Israeli liaison office in Morocco, David Govrin, before presenting his passport and going to the voting booth. 

In March, Hebrew media announced that Israelis residing abroad must vote between March 10 and 12, at offices set up to this effect, announcing ballot boxes installed for the first time in the United Arab Emirates, in Bahrain as well as in Morocco.

The number of Israelis living abroad who will participate in this operation varies between 550 nationals based in New York and 4 in the Dominican Republic. The counting of the ballots will take place in Israel on the evening of election day scheduled for March 23.

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