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Upon release from prison, Abu Naim condemns normalization with Israel

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After a year spent behind bars, the very controversial Sheikh Abu Naim was released on Wednesday March 17. The Salafist was sentenced in April 2020 to one year in prison and fined 2,000 dirhams «for incitement to hatred and threats against citizens» and «insulting the State and its institutions».

He had indeed denounced, in a video shared to his social media, the closure of mosques decided by the government to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. A measure decreed in accordance with a fatwa of the Supreme Council of Ulemas, chaired by King Mohammed VI.

Shortly after his release, Abu Naim criticized the resumption of diplomatic ties between Morocco and Israel. «What is currently happening with the Jews is not a matter of tolerance but it is a distortion of identity. It is a deviation and a concealment of truths. Tolerance, according to Sharia, has nothing to do with humiliation», he told media.