The charred body of a young Moroccan found in a train in Italy

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Cleaning staff on the train linking Milan to Lecce discovered the charred body of a young man last week. At the station of Surbo, Italian commune in the province of Lecce, the discovery was reported to the authorities, writes the Italian media Lecce News 24.

Forensic pathologists were immediately sent to the scene for investigation, along with the authorities. The man was identified using the automated fingerprint identification system. He is a young Italian of Moroccan origin, aged 17 years old. 

Originally from Piacenza, he went missing in January and was last identified at the Bologna train station, thanks to surveillance cameras.

The body is currently in the mortuary of the Vito Fazzi hospital in Lecce for an autopsy, while the Italian authorities have opened an investigation, the media concludes.

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