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Rabat and Tel Aviv liaison offices will open after Passover, David Govrin says

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The official opening of the Moroccan and Israeli liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat respectively will be official in the coming weeks, said David Govrin, head of the Israeli liaison office in Morocco. He confirmed, in an interview with Hespress, that the opening of the two offices will take place simultaneously, and more precisely after Passover, a Jewish holiday celebrated in April.

The Israeli official stressed that the agreement between Morocco and Israel provides for the establishment of «full diplomatic relations», stressing that relations between the two countries «will reach the stage of the opening of the two embassies in Rabat and Tel Aviv», without giving a date.

On the possibility that Morocco will withdraw stop the resumption of its diplomatic relations with Israel in the event that the administration of Joe Biden withdraws its recognition Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, the diplomat affirmed that he «does not imagine that this scenario would happen». «American support for peaceful relations between Morocco and Israel is strong, and I am sure that the measure will continue», he assured.

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