An Italian sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering a Moroccan

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The Supreme Court in Italy confirmed, this week, the 30-year prison sentence of Marco Barba, a 4-year-old man from Gallipoli found guilty of murdering Moroccan Khalid Lagraidi. 

The murder dates back to June 23, 2016, but the body was found months later, recalls Italian online newspaper Corriere Salentino. At the end of January 2017, Marco Barba's daughter went to the Gallipoli rifle barracks to explain the methods used to cover up the murder and accompany the riflemen to the place where the crime had taken place. 

The Moroccan would have been dragged into the countryside, near Madonna del Carmine after being recovered from the city of Lecce.

His assassin allegedly struck him repeatedly with a blunt instrument in the head. Marco Barba put the corpse in a metal trash can and then tried to dissolve it using many bottles of hydrochloric acid. This concealment of the corpse would have been accomplished thanks to the collaboration of the girl. The remains were placed in a chest that was covered with rubble and construction materials under the trees.

Khalid Lagraidi was killed for not paying a sum of money, following the purchase of a small quantity of hashish in Barba. But the latter, during the interrogations, explained to have killed the Moroccan after learning that he would have been in a romantic relationship with his daughter and that the murder was not committed with premeditation.

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