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Netherlands : Dutch-Moroccan jihadist Fatima H. ​​sentenced to four years in prison

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Dutch justice sentenced Dutch-Moroccan Fatima H. to four years in prison for joining the terrorist group ISIS and planning terrorist crimes. Originally from Tilburg, 25-year-old Fatima H. had remained in the conflict zone in Syria for six years from the summer of 2013.
According to the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad (AD), part of this prison sentence, 16 months, is suspended. Deprived of her Dutch citizenship, Fatima H. «will probably not be able to stay in the Netherlands», reports the same source, which recalls that this young woman, recognized as a jihadist, still has her Moroccan passport. «She will probably be deported, even if her family remains in Tilburg, her hometown», the newspaper reported.

The young woman had left for Syria when she was only 17 years old. Married to a Belgian jihadist, who died in 2017, she had two children with him. After that, she got married again, according to justice. But in 2019, with the fall of ISIS, Fatima returned to the Netherlands via Turkey with her two children.  

The judge explained his decision by the fact that the Dutch-Moroccan «not only traveled in the IS area, but she was also part of the terrorist organization». He cited «FBI documents» which show that she was part of a WhatsApp group called «Caliphate Market», where «explosive belts, weapons and children's clothing were offered for sale». She allegedly even «tried to persuade others to travel as well» to Syria.

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