The land border between Morocco and Algeria opened to repatriate the remains of a Moroccan

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The land border between Algeria and Morocco opened on Wednesday, exceptionally, to allow the repatriation of the remains of a young Moroccan, who died on the Algerian coast, after attempting to immigrate irregularly to Europe. 

A Moroccan ambulance received the body of the deceased at the Zouj Bghal border post. The remains were transferred to Oujda, the deceased's hometown where he will be buried, reports Al3omk.

This Moroccan was part of a group of young men from Oujda, who decided two months ago to migrate to Europe via the Algerian coast. They died after the explosion of their inflatable boat.

Closed since 1994, the Zouj Beghal border post between Morocco and Algeria, opens exceptionally. In February, the Algerian authorities gave the green light to their consulate in Oujda, Morocco, to repatriate the remains of a young Algerian who died in January. Zouj Beghal was also opened in February 2009 to allow the passage of the British humanitarian convoy towards Gaza.

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