Hospitalization of Brahim Ghali : The Polisario defends Spain

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After having repeatedly criticized the Sanchez government for its pro-Morocco positions, the Polisario front defends Spain amid hospitalization of Brahim Ghali. This mission is entrusted to Oubi Bouchraya El Bachir, member of the General Secretariat of the Front, in charge of Europe and the European Union, and his representative in Madrid, Abddellah El Arabi. The two have defended the stay of their leader in a public hospital in Logrono.

Oubi Bouchraya estimated that Spain received Ghali «on a humanitarian basis as it had received other officials of the Polisario Front», considering that «it is really indecent to take advantage of the situation and blackmail Spain on economic, commercial and migration issues». 

He also reacted to the press release issued on April 25 by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, calling it «eccentric».

Abdellah El Arabi also used the term «blackmail». The Polisario representative in Madrid estimated that «Morocco cannot dictate to the Spanish government who it can or cannot receive for medical treatment», referring to a «sovereign decision» by Spain.

Operated a few years ago for cancer, Ghali had to be urgently admitted to a hospital in Spain earlier in April following a Covid-19 infection.

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