Brahim Ghali's hospitalization : Morocco voices anger at Spain

The Minister of Foreign Affairs left aside diplomatic language to demand clarity and above all answers to Moroccan questions following the reception of Brahim Ghali in a hospital in Logroño, Spain.

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For the time being, the Kingdom «has not yet received a convincing response» from the Spanish government to the questions raised by its Foreign ministry on the hospitalization of Polisario leader Brahim Ghali, Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said in an interview with EFE.

«Why did the Spanish authorities find it useful not to notify Morocco (of Ghali's arrival, ed)? And why, did they prefer to coordinate with Morocco's enemies (referring to Algeria, ed)? And is it normal that we are informed through media?», he argued.

Nasser Bourita admitted that this situation shows «the reliability and sincerity of the relationship» between Morocco and its Iberian neighbor. The Minister recalled that Rabat had refused to welcome Catalan independence leaders, referring to the former President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont who wanted to visit Morocco in 2017.

«The historical responsibility of Spain is just a pretext»

«When the Catalans asked us to welcome them, we demanded that someone from the Spanish Embassy be present» at the meeting, Bourita said. «It is not allowed between partners to maneuver behind the back with a fundamental question for Morocco», he lamented. Morocco had supported the territorial integrity of Spain against the Catalan independence movement, he recalled.

«The Kingdom of Morocco rejects the unilateral process of independence of Catalonia, and expresses its attachment to the sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Spain», indicated the foreign ministry in press release published on October 12, 2017.

As for the consequences of the Brahim Ghali crisis on the holding of the next high-level meeting between the two countries, the Foreign minister said that the Moroccan government is asking Spain for «clarity, we must first clarify things», he demanded. For the record, the meetings scheduled for April 28 and 29, between Moroccan and Spanish ministers have been canceled.

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