Oujda : Sit-in of solidarity with Palestine

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Dozens of people observed a sit-in of solidarity with the Palestinian people yesterday in Oujda, in front of the Omar Ben Abdelaziz mosque. Waving Palestinian flags, the participants condemned the Israeli aggressions in Al Quds and Gaza and all forms of normalization with the Jewish state.

The sit-in saw a strong presence of the public forces but without recording any clashes or arrests. This action comes twenty-four hours after the protests organized on Monday, May 10, in Rabat and Casablanca to denounce the violations of Israeli forces at the Sheikh Al Jarrah district.

In Oujda, the demonstrators also denounced the presence on April 22 of an Israeli delegation at the Moroccan-Algerian border at the Bin Lajraf point at the entrance to the seaside resort of Saidia.

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