Migration crisis : Pedro Sanchez booed, insulted by Ceuta inhabitants

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Head of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez and Minister of the Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska, arrived this Tuesday afternoon in Ceuta, by helicopter, while the Spanish enclave is facing a migration crisis. As soon as he arrived at the city's airport, his first visit since he got to power, Sanchez was booed by a crowd of Spanish citizens who had come to protest against the inaction of his executive and to condemn his handling of the migration file.

According to El Faro de Ceuta as well as videos shared on social networks, the Spanish head of government was insulted, with some people even trying to intercept his convoy.

The police tried to bring order in a very tense environment, the population of Ceuta being particularly angry, following the unprecedented arrival of thousands of Moroccans by swimming. Sanchez went urgently to the Assembly Palace, where he was to meet Juan Vivas, president of Ceuta, the government delegate in the city as well as the Spanish Minister of the Interior who came by helicopter. 

Before his arrival, the leader of the Spanish government assured that his trip to Ceuta would testify to his country’s «determination» to support the city. Assurances which obviously did not convince the inhabitants of Ceuta.

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