Around 100 Moroccans try to cross the barrier separating Melilla and Morocco

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While life is gradually getting back to normal in Ceuta, about 100 people tried to enter the city of Melilla. According to Levante El Mercantil Valenciano, this attempt took place at around 1:15 am on Thursday. Securtiy forces saw around 100 people approaching Melilla through the area between the Río de Oro and Mariguari.

The Spanish and the Moroccan security forces intervened to interrupt said attempt, according to the government delegation.

Spanish media report that this is the third night in a row where migrants try to cross the border between Morocco and Melilla. The first attempt, led by a group of 300 migrants in the southern border area, occurred in the early hours of Tuesday at 4:45 am. 80 of them managed to access the city. 

The second attempt took place at 11:40 pm on Tuesday, in the same area.

The same source recalls that the border perimeter of Melilla has been reinforced since Wednesday by 20 agents of the Civil Guard assigned by the Ministry of Interior after the massive entry that took place in Ceuta in recent days.

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