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«Brahim Ghali will leave Spain without appearing before justice», Polisario leader’s right hand says

Brahim Ghali, the Polisario's leader. / DR
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The right hand of Brahim Ghali said on Monday, that the secretary general of the Front, hospitalized in Logroño, will leave the Spanish territory without being heard by the Spanish justice. In a statement to OK Diario, Salem Lebsir said Ghali «plans to leave Spain in the coming days without appearing before the National Hearing».

«This is all a lie. As soon as he recovers, in 10 days, he will leave the country. He will not appear before the judge», he argued. «Why would he go there? Because some pro-Moroccans accused him?» he wondered before denying that Brahim Ghali arrived in Spain with forged documents, although he was admitted under a false identity.

Salem Lebsir also accused Morocco of wanting to «smear the image» of the Secretary General and the Polisario through accusations of rape, torture and crimes against humanity.

Ghali «left the intensive care unit where he was admitted on April 18» at the San Pedro de Logroño hospital last week. The Spanish National Hearing also refused to take restrictive and preventive measures to prohibit the Polisario leader from leaving the territory at the request of the Sahrawi Association for Human Rights (ASADEH) and Fadel Breika. 

The judge of the National Hearing, Santiago Pedraz summoned Brahim Ghali to appear on June 1.

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