Spain : The first vice-president of the government responds to the ambassador of Morocco

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The war of statements between Moroccan and Spanish officials continues. On Friday, the first vice-president of the government responded to the kingdom's ambassador to Madrid, Karima Benyaich. Yesterday the diplomat indeed accused the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha Gonzalez, of «presenting false facts and making inappropriate remarks».

«We want to respect Morocco but what happened cannot happen. It is an overrun that we cannot admit», said Carmen Calvo in an interview with Canal Sur. She stressed that the Sanchez government «works for the future» of relations between the two countries. «Let us have the greatest respect for Morocco, but we cannot allow this», she insisted.

Calvo defended the hospitalization of Brahim Ghali in Logroño. «We are a sovereign country, we have constructive relations and we take decisions in accordance with the rest of our policy». Spain maintains relations «with all the Maghreb», he concluded.

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