Ceuta : 920 Moroccan minors identified and accommodated by the city

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Spain's National Police have successfully identified 920 Moroccan minors in Ceuta, who arrived in the Spanish enclave last week, and are currently accommodated in three locations. The identified minors, including 67 girls, entered irregularly from Morocco, among a group of about 9,000 people, El Pais recalls on Sunday.

The autonomous city welcomes 250 minors already identified in the covered pavilion of Santa Amelia, while 240 others are accommodated in the provisional refuge of Piniers, two places used during the pandemic as shelters and which have been reopened. 

The other Moroccan minors are accommodated in the warehouses of the industrial zone of Tarajal, very close to the border post. The newspaper recalls that the prosecutor of Ceuta, during a visit to the site, «is not adequate» to accommodate minors.

The identification of the minors was the result of «intense work» carried out by both police and social services, according to Ceuta government sources. The same source underlines in this regard that the telephone number set up by the city authorities for the relatives and families of these minors has received so far more than 4,400 calls.

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