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Flights from and toward Morocco : The answers to your questions

The announcement of the resumption of flights from and toward Morocco starting June, 15th left our readers with many questions. We will attempt to answer the most frequent questions. This article will be updated as information will come from Moroccan’s authority.

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What companies are concerned by the flight resumption ? Will it only be RAM and Air Arabia ?

All the companies will be able to set up special flights starting June, 15th.

Are my booking for a flight between June 10th and 15th perished ?

Indeed, you have to change you booking’s date to a date after June 15th for a special flight in place. Several companies propose to change the ticket without a charge, others will give you a credit note.

For the operation Marhaba 2021, will we be able to travel through Spain ?

No Spanish port is included in the special liaisons planned for this operation Marhaba 2021. Only French (Sète, Marseille), Italian (Gene) ports will be linked to those of Tanger and Nador, like in 2020.

If I have a vaccination certificate, do I still have to do a PCR test ?

A negative PCR test, no older than 48 hours, is still needed for vaccinated persons. The vaccination pass will still give you the advantage to travel freely inside Morocco and beyond the curfew.

Do children have to present a PCR test ?

Only the children who are older than 12 years old have to show a PCR test. 

What is the purpose of the vaccination pass if I still have to justify of a negative PCR test ?

The vaccination pass will allow you to travel freely toward cities, without any authorization, and regardless of the curfew that is actually set at 11pm in Morocco.

When are we considered vaccinated ?

The vaccination pass is only accepted in Morocco if the second dose is older than four weeks. We still don’t know how people considered as totally vaccinated with a single dose in some countries will be treated (J&J single dose vaccine and people previously infected requiring only one dose).

Do I have to justify a compelling reason to come from France, for example, that considers Morocco as an orange zone ?

For those who are vaccinated, there is no need to justify a compelling reason. If you are not vaccinated, the border police can ask you to justify your traveling, especially coming back to France. A self-confinement of 7 days will also be mandatory.

I come from a «B zone» country. What are the conditions to enter Morocco ?

For the travelers coming from a country in the B list, you will be required to get an authorization delivered by the Moroccan diplomatic authorities (Embassies and consulates). When you will arrive in Morocco, you will have to show a negative PCR test that is no older than 48 hours, and will have to self-quarantine for 10 days.

Where will the quarantines of people coming from a B zone country take place ?

The 10 days quarantine will have to take place in a hotel selected by the authorities. The stay will be at the traveler’s charge and will still be mandatory, even if the traveler is vaccinated.

What are the B zone countries ?

The list will be updated twice a month and as of now is composed of those countries.

Why is my country in the B zone even if the number of Covid+ is below some of A list countries ?

The B list is defined by the Moroccan scientific committee based on epidemiological data of the country and the data of WHO. Several factors are taking into accounts beyond the number of Covid+ cases.

Only the overseas Moroccans can travel to Morocco ? What about foreigners ?

The new dispositions concern all the travelers, regardless of their nationality.

I live in Morocco and I am vaccinated. Can I travel abroad ?

If you have the vaccination pass, you will be able to travel abroad without any authorization. Beware though, some countries have different entry conditions. For example, many European countries don’t recognize the Sinopharm (Chinese) vaccines. You will have to show a negative PCR test.

What are the documents needed for students to travel abroad ?

Studies are one of the compelling reasons accepted by Moroccan authorities for the departure of students, even if they have not been vaccinated yet. Parents who wish to go with their children for their departure will have to be vaccinated.

Will we publish a useful guide in several languages to clarify the sanitary measures specifics to travelers ?

The most common questions have been centralized in four major languages. Their answers will be published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later available at Moroccan’s embassies and consulates.

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