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Western Sahara : A certain "discontinuity" claims Biden administration

Ned Price, Department of State's spokesman. / All rights reserved
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The question of Western Sahara found its way once again in the daily United States Department of State spokesman's briefing.

Last night, Ned Price stated that the Biden administration was "consulting privately with the parties about how best to halt violence and achieve a lasting settlement". "I don’t have anything further to announce at this time, but I would certainly take issue with the characterization that there’s been a continuity, including when it comes to our approach towards the region, from the last administration", he then added.

Talking about the political continuity regarding Western Sahara, he added : "It’s an issue that we have discussed directly with our counterparts in Morocco, our counterparts in Spain and elsewhere through the region. But I think more broadly, there is a very little continuity, I think it is safe to say, when it comes to our approach to the broader region."

This answer did not convince journalists, one of them insisted : "Have you revoked the recognition of (Sahara) ?". Price tried to find his way out of the subject by stating : "What I’m saying is I don’t have anything to announce at the moment, but I think if you look at Western Sahara as part of a – the previous administration’s broader approach to the region in the context of the Abraham Accords, that is where you see quite a bit of discontinuity between the approach we have pursued and we have enacted versus what the previous administration did."

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