Canada : First hearing and new elements about the killer of a Muslim family

A sketch of Nathaniel Veltman by Pam Davies, during his first hearing. / All Rights Reserved
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It was this Thursday, June 10th, that the man suspected of deliberately hit five persons, for their belonging to the Muslim community, was heard briefly for the first time by the judge in charge of the case in the City of London, Ontario (Canada).

Nathaniel Veltman, the young man suspected of killing four of his victims, was heard for the first time for a procedure hearing, stating his identity and responding to defense related questions, says the French journal Le Figaro. The man faces four charges of first-degree murder and one of attempted murder, and the police is still evaluated the possibility of adding terrorism related charges. Even if the terrorist character is not held against him, he faces life in jail for his heinous act that shocked Canada.

New elements were revealed about the moments that followed the tragedy. The driver apparently stopped six kilometers (3.7 miles) away from the crime scene, on a parking lot, and faced a Muslim taxi driver. Veltman then insulted the taxi driver says his employer Hasan Savehilaghi. The driver of the damaged and covered in blood black pickup truck would have yelled at the taxi driver, urging him to call the police because he just killed somebody.

At this point in time, the suspect was seen wearing a t-shirt with a swastika, a bulletproof vest and a military helmet. At their arrival, the police took him out of his truck while he chanted and laughed, it was not clear what words he chanted. Still laughing, he yelled at the taxi driver to record the scene, as if it was important for him to be seen and that he was enjoying himself.

Elements from his past are coming to the light as the investigation goes on. No link to white supremacist groups have been made yet, and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network says that his lack or minimum presence in social networks is quite unusual from someone Veltman’s age. Nathaniel Veltman being only 20 years old.

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