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Marhaba : RAM sets up an exceptional price rate this summer

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Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s national air travel agency, announced on Sunday that it will set up «exceptional» and «historic» facilities for Moroccans living abroad, to travel this summer to their country. This program comes after the instructions of king Mohammed VI.

«The national company reinforces its flight programs and proposes affordable prices for members of the Moroccan community living abroad. Those offers have been studied to set up an exceptional price list varying between destinations, and the number of people in the family», said RAM in a press release.

Therefore, RAM flights coming from every European destinations (except Russia and Turkey), two-way tickets will be fixed at 97 euros (VAT included) for each passenger of a family of four and more.

Likewise, a rate is programmed at 120 VAT included for a two-way flight ticket for each passenger of a three person’s family. The company adds that the price will not be higher than 150 euros VAT included for a two-way flight ticket for a person traveling alone or one other person.

Regarding flights operated from Northern American (New York, Washington, Montréal), the rate is set at 500 euros VAT included (USD 605.39 or CAD 735.70 for a two-way flight ticket) for every passenger accompanied by two members of his family and more. The rate is fixed at 600 euros VAT included (USD 726.48 or CAD 882.85 for a two-way flight ticket).

For people coming from Africa, Turkey and Russia flying RAM, the rate is set at 240 euros VAT included (two-way flight tickets) for passengers flying with two people of their family and more, and 300 euros VAT for passengers traveling alone or accompanied by one member of his family.

Two-way flights coming from Tunisia will be sold at 120 euros (399.30 TD) for every passenger with two family members or more ; and 150 euros VAT included (499.12 dinars) for passenger traveling alone or together with another family member.

As for people coming from Egypt, the rate is set at 150 euros VAT included (2847.37 £) when the traveler is accompanied by two family members and more, and 200 euros VAT included (3796.49 £) when traveling with only one family member.

Setting conditions, RAM indicates that those rates will only be available for flight tickets bought from June 13th for the duration between June 15th and September 30th, 2021.

Those flights are already available on the company’s website (, its mobile app, from the company’s call centers, its agencies and the usual distribution network.  

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