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Marhaba 2021 : King Mohammed VI orders the establishment of a special device of support

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King Mohammed VI gave his instructions to Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, so that a special device of support is given to help members of the Moroccan community living abroad, inside ships operating the crossing, for better traveling conditions. A press release from the royal cabinet, relayed by MAP, indicates that this device aims at «facilitating, during the crossing, all needed administrative, customs and sanitary formality, so that the travel, the landing and the stay in Morocco will be safe, fluid and satisfactory».

The other traditional modality of welcoming and assistance deployed by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, in Morocco and abroad, will stay in place, adds the same source.

Moreover, the king gave his instructions so that the embassies and general consulates of Morocco get involved in this process. Therefore, the diplomatic and consular representatives are called to «facilitate the consular and administrative procedure asked for Moroccan citizens and foreigners wishing to visit Morocco, and answer effectively to their asks and needs», ends the press release.

Earlier this Sunday, the king gave his instructions the authorities and the whole actors of transports so that they work in facilitating the coming back of Moroccans living abroad to their country, at affordable rates. A royal cabinet statement reminded that the instructions came in the frame of the «very high solicitude that the King Mohammed VI always showed to members of the Moroccan community living abroad, and the permanent royal care for the continuity of their attachment to their homeland».

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