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Marhaba 2021 : The king orders to facilitate the return of Moroccans living abroad and affordable rates

King Mohammed VI / All rights reserved
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King Mohammed VI gave, this Sunday, his instructions to competent authorities and the all the transport professionals to work for facilitating the coming back home at an affordable rate, for Moroccans living abroad. A statement of the royal Cabinet reminds that the instructions came within the framework of the «very high solicitude that King Mohammed VI always showed to members of the Moroccan community living abroad, and the permanent royal care to the continuity of their attachment to their homeland».

King Mohammed VI gave also his instructions to the flight transporters, espacially the national company Royal Air Maroc, and the maritime transport actors, to «make sure the practices of rates are reasonable and are at the reach of all, and that they make sure a satisfactory rotation of transports, so Moroccan families living abroad can enter the country and reconnect with their relatives, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic».

Likewise, the king urged the tourism operators, in transport and hotel business, to «take necessary dispositions to welcome the members of Moroccan community living abroad in the best possible conditions and prices», ends the statement.

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