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Morocco - Nigeria : The NNPC announces gas pipeline construction project

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Nigerian federal government is about to build a gas pipeline linking Nigeria to Morocco, announced Yusuf Usman, chief operating officer of Nigerian national petroleum corporation (NNPC). The executive has developed plans to make this large-scale project doable, said the man in charge, in an interview to Nigerian News Direct.

He reminded that the execution of this large project was embodied in the signature of an agreement between Morocco and Nigeria, during a ceremony presided by the king Mohammed VI and Mohammadu Buhari, president of Nigeria. This large-scale project will follow the West African gas pipeline and will benefit many countries in the continent.

Some of those countries already dispose of gas deposits and their production will be injected in the pipeline. The other non-producing countries will benefit from the project for development purposes, said Usman, for whom it represents a new vision of development needed in Africa. 

For the construction of the gas-pipeline, the CCO of NNPC clarified that the feasibility study was achieved and the final decision of financing is pending approval. Nigeria will begin the directing plan of decade of gas to consolidate the sustainability of this major project, he added.

Initiated in 2016 in Abudja under the supervision of king Mohammed VI and Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari, this project will link the gas resources of Nigeria and other Western Africa’s countries and Morocco, in favor of regional economic integration.

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