Nicolas Cage to shoot «Lord of War» sequel in Morocco

A scene from the 2005 film Lord of War, starring Nicolas Cage. / Ph. DR
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The sequel of the 2005 drama film «Lord of War» will soon be filmed in Morocco, as announced by Moroccan line producer and production manager Karim Debbagh. Starring Oscar winner Nicolas Cage, «Lords of War» will start shooting in March and for 40 days.

Speaking to Variety on the sidelines of the Marrakech film Festival, Debbagh said that he is currently exploring locations in Morocco for the film’s crew.

«We’re trying to cover four or five African countries, such as Libya, Egypt, Senegal and Mali and several countries in the Middle East, and we’ve almost found everything in Morocco», Debbagh told the American magazine.

In Morocco you «find areas that look like Senegal and others that are very luxurious like a California neighborhood, and if you’re looking for places that look similar to Libya, Yémen or Syria, you can find them in and around Marrakech», he added.

«Lords of War» is going to bring together 400 to 500 crew members. 100 of them will come from the US and the UK and the rest will comprise of well-trained Moroccan crew members, Debbagh confirmed.

Through his film production company Kasbah Films, Debbagh is also expected to have UK series «Atomic» shoot its first season in Morocco by May.

For the record, «Lord of War» tells the story of American arms dealer Yuri, who puts his life and that of his family in jeopardy following an arms deal with an African warlord.

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