Moroccan actress calls Hakim Ziyech «the most arrogant celebrity she’s ever met»

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Moroccan actress and singer Fati Jamali said in a story shared to her social media, Monday, that Moroccan international player Hakim Ziyech, is the «most arrogant celebrity» she’s ever met.

Jamali told her followers that she «met by chance the most arrogant person, a Moroccan player». She explains that she was in a mall in Dubai when she saw the Galatasaray winger, who looked down on her after she smiled at him.

«A Moroccan guy went to him, and he was very mean to him. He is an abnormal person», she argued, before saying that she was talking about Hakim Ziyech.

«When I went back to the hotel, I met him again and I told him that what he had done wasn't nice and he insulted me», she said.

After Jamali’s video went viral on social media, Ziyech took to his Instagram stories, publishing a video of American football coach Dion Lewin Sanders, in which he says that he doesn’t care about what people think of him.

On social media, fans denounced the video and defended Ziyech, which pushed Fati Jamali to apologize for the video she had posted. «I was angry. I shouldn’t have published the story. I didn’t think it would take this direction...», she regretted. 

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