Green hydrogen : The Italian government funds a feasibility study with Morocco

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The Italian government has given the green light to finance a feasibility study to build a pipeline for green hydrogen produced in Morocco.

The pipeline will provide, via the port of Trieste, a logistics platform for energy raw materials distributed in central and Eastern Europe. The country's media reported that Democratic MP Deborah Ceracciani said that «one of these programs for the Mattei plan, which aims to analyze and strengthen the green hydrogen supply chain between Morocco and Trieste, was accepted».

«This corridor is integrated into the Hydrogen Valley in the north of the Adriatic Sea, which is the cross-border project born from the agreement concluded between the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Croatia and Slovenia», Ceracciani emphasized.

She added that «thanks to green hydrogen, Morocco has become one of the most important points of departure in the world», particularly «in the Mediterranean region to support energy plans, in which countries like Germany and the Netherlands decided to invest».

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