Algerian media points finger at Morocco for Mali's withdrawal from peace agreement

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Following Mali's withdrawal from the 2015 Algiers agreement, tensions between Algeria and Mali have risen. Algerian press outlets attribute Bamako's decision to a plot orchestrated by Morocco, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Israel.

Algerian newspaper TSA claims «Morocco and its Israeli ally burst into the region with the obvious objective of creating another situation of instability on Algeria's borders», according to their reporting.

Geopolitical expert Hacen Kacimi espouses a conspiracy theory, accusing «the Emirates, Morocco and the Zionist entity of fomenting plots which do not stop only in the Sahel, but will extend to the continental territory starting with political domination of the African Union and ending by imperial domination».

Algerian sources allege the UAE «granted 15 million euros to Morocco to finance spoof campaigns and create a climate of tension between Algeria and the Sahel countries», as reported by Radio Algérie.

Following Mali’s withdrawal from the agreement brokered by Algiers, Algeria's Foreign Ministry accuses unnamed «third countries» of financing Mali's arms program and the «resort to international mercenaries» but did not provide details.

Algeria seeks to regain influence in the Sahel amid rising tensions with Mali.

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